Vince Gilligan

Photo of Vince Gilligan

Born in Richmond, Virginia, American writer, producer, and director Vince Gilligan is a graduate of NYU Tisch, known for his television work, specifically as creator, head writer, and executive producer of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. In addition, he is also the writer and producer for The X-Files and was the co-creator of its spin-off, The Lone Gunmen. Later, he and David Shore co-created the police drama series Battle Creek, on which Gilligan was an executive producer during its one season run.  Growing up, Gilligan became best friends with future film editor and film title designer Angus Wall. His interest in film began when Wall's mother, Jackie, who also taught alongside Gilligan's mother, would lend her Super 8 film cameras to him. He would then use the camera to make science fiction films. One of his first films was entitled Space Wreck, starring his brother in the lead role. One year later, he won first prize for his age group in a film competition at the University of Virginia. Gilligan won a scholarship to attend the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts. After eighth grade, he moved back to Chesterfield to attend high school. After graduating from Lloyd C. Bird High School in 1985, Gilligan went on to attend New York University on a partial scholarship, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film production from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. While at NYU, he wrote the screenplay for Home Fries, which was later turned into a film; Gilligan received the Virginia Governor's Screenwriting Award in 1989 for the screenplay

Gilligan’s contributions and dedication to his career led him to win many awards including the Writers Guild of American Award for best episodic drama in the year 2009. In 2012, he won the Writers Guild of American Award under best dramatic series and best episodic drama. The following year, Gilligan won the Critic’s Choice Television Award, Primetime Emmy Awards, and Writers Guild of American Awards for best drama series. In 2014, he won Directors Guild of American Award for outstanding directing-drama series and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for best international program. Vince Gilligan’s creative and successful career is one that exemplifies his passion for film and television art.