Dual Degree Program - FAQ

What is the Stern-Tisch BS/BFA program ?

The Stern-Tisch BS/BFA program brings together two world-class NYU schools and offers students the opportunity combine a film and television degree with a business degree. Students gain business and creative skills comparable to those who are enrolled in either program individually. Within a period of five years they will earn a BS from Stern and a BFA from Tisch.

What kinds of students would be attracted to the Stern- Tisch BS/BFA program?

The Stern-Tisch BS/BFA program is designed for students with a passion for film and television and an interest in the business aspects of these industries. The program is structured to allow students to develop a high level of proficiency in creative and business skills. Applicants must have exceptional demonstrated creative talents and strong analytic al and quantitative abilities. The program will develop students who will become the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs and leaders in the film and television business. Students will be imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit and the business and crea tive skills necessary to start their own ventures, as well as be sought after by entertainment firms because of their unique blend of talents.

What is the application process?

Students who wish to apply to the Stern-Tisch BS/BFA program must be currently enrolled as freshmen or sophomores in either the BS in Business program at the Stern School of Business or the Kanbar Department of Undergraduate Film and Television at the Tisch School of the Arts. They must submit an application as a Dual Degree transfer student to the other school. Stern students who wi sh to apply must also submit a creative portfolio to Tisch by mid-Febrary .