*This Is Not A Drill* Community Fellowship

Smoke stack with thick white smoke rising into blue sky

Photo by Veeterzy

Applications are now closed.

Now in its second year, the *This Is Not A Drill* program at Tisch School of the Arts is expanding to include Community Fellows. Focused on the intersection of art, technology, equity, and the climate emergency, *This Is Not A Drill* welcomes applications from socially-engaged arts practitioners for our 2022-23 *This Is Not A Drill* cohort. 

Successful applicants will be granted access to NYU facilities, resources, and support and be given a $3,000 reimbursable stipend to advance their research and produce art work/s on technology, the climate emergency, equity, and creative practice. Artworks will be exhibited at a *This Is Not A Drill* exhibition in the early fall of 2023. Community Fellows will regularly convene in person alongside Faculty Fellows as the *This Is Not A Drill* working group. They will also have opportunities to mentor *This Is Not A Drill* Student Fellows. The program will run from March-October 2023.

The deadline to apply is January 9, 2023, at 11:59 PM ET.




Who is eligible to apply?

Artists, scholars, and interdisciplinary practitioners who reside in the NYC-metro area and are able to attend regular in-person meetings at NYU; have a demonstrated artistic practice, evidenced by a portfolio of works; and have expertise creating socially-engaged projects in which art is a catalyst for transformation. Members of systemically disempowered communities are particularly encouraged to apply. Although NYU adjunct, emeriti and retired faculty are not eligible to apply, applications from NYU alumni are encouraged.

What expenses are permissible?

All expenses must be related to advancing your research on technology, the climate emergency, equity, and creative practice and producing an artwork that can be showcased at the exhibition. All reimbursements are subject to University spending policies. Fellows must take into consideration a product’s life cycle and environmentally safe disposal prior to purchases, and choose eco-friendly options wherever possible (more information on Green Procurement here).

What is the work that is expected of me?

Fellows will develop their respective projects for the final exhibition; participate in monthly working group meetings (including presenting progress updates; providing feedback on group members' projects; inviting guest speakers, etc.); review student projects and mentor student fellows; assist in the planning and execution of the final exhibition; and engage with communities at NYU and beyond who are focused on art, technology, equity, and the climate emergency.