Past Projects

In addition to its Collaboratory, the Future Imagination Fund (FIF) also supports collaborative, interdisciplinary projects aligning with our mission to harness the power of imagination to create a more beautiful and equitable future.

Past FIF projects include:

*This Is Not A Drill*: Technology, Art, and the Climate Emergency

Program Director: Mona Sloane (2020 FIC Fellow)


The *This Is Not A Drill* (TINAD) program on technology, the climate emergency, and creative practice collaboratively develops a new public pedagogy and explores designs that dismantle the harmful hierarchies created between human/non-human and culture/nature, and that reorient us towards sustainment, maintenance and care for each other and for the planet.

Each year, the *This Is Not A Drill* program convenes five NYU faculty fellows and five to ten NYU student fellows. Faculty fellows receive a research-focused reimbursable stipend to develop their *This Is Not A Drill* project. They convene regularly as the *This Is Not A Drill* working group. Student fellows receive project-focused reimbursable research stipend to work on their project over the summer. All fellows exhibit their work at the annual *This Is Not A Drill* exhibition.

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Students taking notes

Photo by Reeca Soriano


In alignment with the School’s ongoing commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, the Office of Faculty invites proposals for new courses that center the intersection of new technologies/art forms and underrepresented artists and perspectives (BiPOC, trans, dis/ability, neurodiversity, etc.). This special minigrant initiative seeks to expand the curriculum beyond the traditional ways of seeing "others" (racial, sexual, class, ability, etc.) in order to train students in the art of worldmaking.