Resources for Remote Teaching

Tisch Resources

Tisch Tech Guide to Teleworking

This guide provides detailed instructions on the use of NYU's remote teaching tools including the following:

  • NYUHome
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Video and Audio Conferencing software (Zoom)
  • NYU's Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • NYU Box

This page also includes links to support resources as you adjust to online teaching.

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Tisch Tips for Remote Teaching By Department

This document links to department-specific guides with tips for successful remote teaching. These documents are collaborative and evolving. Please feel free to contribute your own suggestions and experiences for remote teaching and explore how other departments are adapting to online learning.

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Frank Lantz's Advice to Students

Share these tips with your students, from Game Center Chair Frank Lantz!


  • Carve out a little corner in your home that is dedicated to working. Make it spartan and distraction-free. Only use it when you want to get work done.
  • Carve out a little time in your routine the same way. A time every day when you sit down and do work with no distractions. It can be as little as one hour a day, but don’t ever skimp on it.
  • Don’t just let homework and projects flow into your private space and turn your life into a blurry puddle of work / hanging out / goofing off. 
  • Take advantage of this disruption of the status quo to get in touch with your own motivations - Let’s be honest, you can probably use this crisis as an excuse to avoid work you don’t want to do, so figure out what work you DO want to do. Why are you studying game design? What do you want to learn? What do you want to do? Learn it. Do it.

NYU Resources

NYU Returns: 2020-2021

Academic Year 2020-2021 will stand apart. Against the backdrop of COVID-19, even as we maintain our commitment to academic excellence, we must embrace a multilayered safety and health plan that will help keep each other safe.  And 2020-2021 will call for flexibility: flexibility in response to changing developments and guidance, and flexibility in our teaching and learning to accommodate the challenges our students and faculty will face.

This site will be frequently updated with important new information, webinars, further details, and community communications as developments in NYU's planning, public directives, and the course of the COVID-19 illness occur.  Please return to the site frequently for the latest information.

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Teaching Support for the Semester

As we transitioned to remote instruction in Spring 2020, several faculty resources were developed, curated and compiled to support the continuity of teaching and learning at NYU such as:

As we continue preparations for remote teaching, this website will identify resources, tools, and strategies to support faculty who are teaching blended courses or in-person courses that need to accommodate remote attendance. This is an iterative resource that will evolve to respond to emerging needs.

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Remote Assessment Methods and Practices

In response to the rapid transition to remote instruction, we have heard many questions about assessing student work, conducting tests and quizzes, and administering high-stakes exams online.

Teaching and Learning with Technology is offering SmarterProctoring, an automated proctoring tool available in NYU Classes, by request, to support you and your students. For more information on this tool, go to the SmarterProctoring automated proctoring tool in NYU Classes.

Alternative Assessment Guide

It can be a challenge to find assessments that exactly recreate what you have done in face-to-face situations. Some barriers may be logistical or technical, and some may reflect the increased complexity of our and our students’ current lives. View this guide to learn more about alternative methods of assessment for remote teaching.

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NYU Zoom

This page contains some tips for instructors using Zoom.

Other Zoom Resources:

  • Teaching with Zoom: Tips, Strategies, and a Community of Practice, presented by NYU Steinhardt. Learn More.
  • NYU Zoom Tutorial, presented by Dan Shiffman. Learn More.
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NYU IT Returns

Your Tech Guide to Fall 2020

This NYU IT Returns page provides links to general information about tech resources in support of the Fall 2020 term. Consult the main NYU IT site and your school or unit sites or support staff for more information. For University-wide updates, COVID health and safety info, and topics not addressed below, explore the central NYU Returns website. 

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Virtual Teaching Community & Teach Talks

NYU’s Virtual Teaching Community is a platform for bringing faculty together, whatever their schedule or time zone, around the practice of teaching. 

The site includes resources that faculty can utilize now as they prepare to design their courses and engage their students. It also includes a Forum for faculty to engage with colleagues from across the university and TeachTalks, a series of faculty-focused conversations about teaching at NYU. Finally, it provides faculty a link to their respective School-based resources and committed teams of experts who are available to help.

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NYU Libraries Digital Studio Consultation Services

The Digital Studio offers one-on-one and small group consultations for scholars who would like advice and recommendations on best practices for their projects or academic programs.

The Digital Studio’s staff is available to consult with instructors on how they can meet their learning objectives by integrating appropriate technology into their curriculum. We feature individualized consultation support to assist in achieving solutions that work for you and your students. Our staff is skilled in bridging the gap between pedagogy goals and technology. We emphasize identifying and using the right technology for the situation (even if that means not using technology!), and on designing and utilizing student-focused activities.

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NYU Libraries General Resources

The NYU Libraries are here for you. If you’re rethinking your teaching for a remote world, or simply looking to add more engaging resources to your syllabus, the Libraries can help. We’re taking innovative approaches to make our collections, services, and assistance available online so you can use them when and where you need. The sooner you start your process, the more options we’ll have to help you get the materials and support you need for your class.

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NYU Office of Student Success

At NYU, student success is both an ethos and an office. We are here to deliver on the promise that all students will have the support and resources they need to thrive in this dynamic learning environment. Partnering with leaders from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management, we inform and shape factors that positively affect retention, graduation, and the overall student experience.

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Other Resources

Zoom Live Training Webinars

Zoom experts host free and interactive live training webinars daily. Get up to speed in less than an hour. Please select the time zone that fits best for you when registering for one of these live training webinars.

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Keep Teaching: Resources for Higher Ed Blog

This blog brings together a community of higher education professionals needing academic continuity resources and support. Sign up to explore the topics and questions fellow educators are discussing as we all transition to online teaching.

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Universal Design for Learning Guidelines

The UDL Guidelines are a tool used in the implementation of Universal Design for Learning, a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. The UDL Guidelines can be used by educators, curriculum developers, researchers, parents, and anyone else who wants to implement the UDL framework in a learning environment. These guidelines offer a set of concrete suggestions that can be applied to any discipline or domain to ensure that all learners can access and participate in meaningful, challenging learning opportunities.

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