Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled this list of our faculty’s most frequently asked questions as a convenient starting place. Information about the items below can be found throughout the Tisch Office of Faculty website. Many questions are also addressed in the Faculty Handbook and the Human Resources website.

Faculty with more specific or personal questions are encouraged to make an appointment with one of the Associate Deans of Faculty, Fred Carl or Karen Shimakawa, at 212.998.1805.

Work/Life Balance

Does NYU office life resources?

NYU recognizes that the success of the University as a leading edge academic institution is critically linked to the physical health and total well being of the faculty, employees, and their family members who support the endeavor. Carebridge Life Resources, NYU's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), can provide support for personal and family problems common in contemporary life. These confidential services are provided at no cost to you or your family, and are just a toll-free phone call away.


What is NYU's workload relief policy?

In order to provide relief to faculty members faced with the additional demands of being primary caregiver to a newborn child, newly adopted child, new foster care or guardianship placement, or newly-established legal custodian care, New York University's workload relief policy permits one (1) semester of workload relief from classroom teaching and administrative committee work, or two (2) semesters of half relief from such duties based on the individual's normal yearly workload at full salary.  Workload relief is not considered a leave as faculty members are expected to make themselves available to the extent reasonable and practicable for their customary responsibilities of research, student consultation and advising.


Are wellness services available?

From safety and security to family care to health services and discounts, NYU recognizes that the success of the University as a leading academic institution is critically linked to the physical health and total well being of the faculty, employees, and their family members.  NYU is committed to safety, wellness education, and outstanding health care as part of the University community. Accordingly, the University offers a number of life and wellness services and resources.

How do I find out about faculty benefits?

For full-time faculty, medical coverage begins the date you are hired at New York University. You may choose from two plans of coverage: a health maintenance organization (HMO) or point-of-service (POS) plan. You may also enroll in the NYU Dental Plan, and have access to the NYU Retirement Plan, disability and life insurance, NYU LiveSmart wellness programs and activities, the Carebridge employee assistance program, family care, mortgage programs, and dependent coverage. For more information, please visit the NYU benefits page.

Does NYU offer tuition assistance for my family?

Yes! Tuition Remission is a benefit that waives 50% to 100% of tuition for certain NYU courses taken by full-time, regular employees, their spouses or registered domestic partners, and their dependent children. Please refer to the NYU Tuition Benefits page for Faculty.

What is the process for retirement?

The New York University Retirement Plan for Members of the Faculty, Professional Research Staff and Administration is a plan for eligible faculty, administrators, and professional staff. This summarizes the provisions contained in the legal Plan documents. The official Plan documents will govern in the event of any conflict with the terms of this booklet. The documents are available for you to read; contact NYU PeopleLink, the HR, benefits and payroll services center of NYU, for details at 212-992-LINK (5465) or via email at

Where can I find out about faculty housing?

For information on Faculty Housing, please contact Carrie Meconis in the Tisch Office of Faculty Services at 212.998.1810 or

Is there a fitness center available to faculty?

NYU has two fitness centers on campus:

Jerome S. Coles Sports and Recreation Center
181 Mercer Street
General Information: 212-998-2020

Palladium Athletic Facility
140 East 14th Street
General Information: 212-992-8500


Student Interaction  

How do I handle course evaluations?

The process for course evaluations is specific to each departmental. Please contact your department administrator for assistance.

How can my students receive additional assistance in my class?

It is mandatory for all faculty to hold office hours for students to discuss class issues. Please contact your department administrator for assistance.

Is there on campus counseling for students?

Counseling services are available to all NYU students. Appointments can be made by visiting the NYU wellness website.

What is the student attendance policy?

Student attendance policies are subject to the discretion of each individual department. Please contact your department administrator for assistance.


University Policy 

What is the NYU Faculty Handbook?

The NYU Faculty Handbook is a guide to the faculty and is designed to present general information about New York University, and some of the more important University policies and practices as they apply to the Faculty of the University.

How private are academic records?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) was enacted to protect the privacy of students' education records, to establish the rights of students to inspect and review their education records, and to provide students with an opportunity to have inaccurate or misleading information in their education records corrected. More information on this act can be found here.

How can I provide accommodations for my students with disabilities?

Please feel free to call the Moses Center office at any time at 212-998-4980 with questions or concerns regarding students with disabilities at NYU.

How do I report an incident of students experiencing sexual harassment?

NYU strongly encourages members of the University Community who have been victims or have seen prohibited discrimination and harassment to report the conduct. In the case of incidents of prohibited discrimination and prohibited harassment covered by this policy, reports may be made to the Office of The Vice President for Student Affairs, Robert Cameron, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, or the Executive Director of Equal Opportunity. Allegations against any visitor, vendor, or third party of prohibited discrimination or prohibited harassment should be made to the Executive Director of Equal Opportunity. For more information, visit the NYU Operations and Safety website.


Course Logistics

Whom do I contact for help with classroom technology?

For information and help with classroom technology, please call Instructional Tech Support at 212-998-3333 or email

When are my classes scheduled? Where can I find a university calendar?

The University Academic Calendar can be found through the Office of the Registrar here.

How do I submit grades?

Grades can be submitted online through NYUAlbert. Full instructions can be found here. You have 72 hours after the scheduled final exam date to submit grades.

Where and when are my classes?

Class schedules and locations can be found through NYU Albert, NYU’s online course catalog.

What is NYU Classes and how do I use it?

NYU Classes a web-based feature that enables faculty to enhance the teaching and learning experience through full-feature online course environments. NYU Classes can be accessed through the Academics tab on your NYUHome page.

Other Information

What do I do if I need to cancel my class?

If unforeseen circumstances force you to have to cancel class for any period of time, please contact your department administrator for specific instructions.

How do I get my NYU email?

Email can be accessed via a web browser at, via NYU Home or by using a mobile device or desktop program such as Thunderbird or Outlook. If you wish to access NYU Email via a mobile device or desktop program, configuration instructions can be found in the ServiceLink knowledge base.

How do I obtain a University ID card?

The NYUCard is a must for all NYU Faculty members. The NYUCard should be carried at all times while on campus. The card, which identifies you as Faculty entitles you to various privileges and potential uses on campus. Your NYUCard entitles you to a discount in the NYU Bookstore and allows you to access selected NYU buildings, campus transportation and computer centers located throughout campus.

The NYU Card Center is located at 7 Washington Place (at the corner of Mercer Street)

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Telephone: (212) 443-2273.


How do I find out if school cancelled due to weather?

On rare occasions, weather or other extreme emergencies may cause the University to curtail operations, delay opening or close entirely. This information will be prominently posted on the site. Such a determination is made by the President’s Office with guidance from the University’s emergency response team; a determination should not be made on an ad hoc, department-by-department basis.