Visiting Scholars

The title Visiting Scholar is normally reserved for academics who both meet NYU's general criteria and also take part in the intellectual life of the department.

Most visiting scholars are at NYU for a year or less, and in no case can anyone be a visiting scholar for more than three years. 

Sponsoring Visiting Scholars

If you would like to sponsor an individual for NYU’s Visiting Scholar Program, please be sure to note the following:

Qualifications for the Visiting Scholar Program

1. Minimum of a Master’s degree, or its equivalent, prior to his/her arrival.

2. Demonstrate appropriate English language proficiency.

3. Show proof of financial support (either NYU funds or outside/personal funding) for all expenses. Scholars must demonstrate a minimum of $2,000 per month, including additional financial support for any accompanying family members ($650 per month for spouses and $350 per month for children).

4. Maintain health insurance which meets the minimum federal requirements during the entire time of stay.

5. Not be appointed to a tenure or tenure-track position.

Materials to Submit to Department Administrator

If you believe an individual meets the criteria for Visiting Scholar, please provide your Department Administrator with the following documentation:

1. Approximate dates the Visiting Scholar expects to begin and end his/her appointment.

2. A copy of his/her most recent CV, which should include date of birth, telephone number, permanent address and email address.

3. A research statement.

4. Any relevant Fulbright Scholar documentation.   

Approval Process for New Visiting Scholar Appointments

1. Department Administrators submit all applications and materials to Ayana Phillips ( in the Office of Faculty Services for Associate Dean and Associate Provost approval. 

2. Once approved, all documentation (Welcome letter, Instructions, Visiting Scholar Policy) is sent to the Visiting Scholar.

3. Tisch Human Resources,, will work in conjunction with the Office of Global Services (OGS) and the Visiting Scholar in obtaining their visa. 

Extending a Visiting Scholar Appointment

1. Department Administrators re-submit the visiting scholar application, with new appointment dates, at least one month prior to the end of the previous appointment.  Applications received after this deadline will not be approved.

2. To make it as clear as possible that you intend to extend the appointment, we ask that you clearly write “EXTENSION” at the top of the application.

3. Be sure to include their NetID and N-number (located on the back of the NYU ID).

4. Include an updated CV.

Application Deadlines

1. For international scholars, please submit their application at least six months prior to their anticipated date of arrival at NYU. Applications received after this deadline may not receive visa approval in time to begin their appointment.

2. For domestic scholars (non-foreign nationals), please allow a minimum of three weeks prior to their start date for all paperwork to be approved.