Abe Burrows Theatre

As the main stage for the Department of Drama, the Burrows Theatre is the exclusive venue for the StageWorks season.  The 99-seat black box space features flexible seating configurations, advanced lighting and audio control systems, scenery dock, dressing rooms and wardrobe facilities. 

Frederick Loewe Theatre

The Department’s second largest performance venue features a fixed “end stage” seating configuration and extra deep playing space, making it well suited for non traditional staging and experimental productions, as well as mid-sized musicals.  Control booth, lighting and sound systems, and dressing room and wardrobe facilities round out the space.

Shop Theatre

This small black box is the home of StudentWorks, the student-produced and directed arm of the Department of Drama.  The small but flexible space provides ample opportunity for creative staging and production designs.  Unique to this theatre is a new all-LED lighting system, providing increased lighting design opportunities through the use of the latest technology. 

Studio Theatre

Located on the third floor, the Studio Theatre is home to 2nd year rehearsal projects, as well as student directing projects.  Moderate, but flexible lighting and sound systems, and multiple entrances make this a space for creative development of modestly sized projects.

Cabaret Theatre

Floor to ceiling windows looking out to Broadway create a dramatic urban backdrop for a variety of theatrical offerings, including the classics, small musicals, and cabaret performances. 

Theatre 104

Located on 2nd Avenue, Theatre 104 is the home of the New Studio on Broadway and is the venue for advanced training musical productions.  It features movable, retractable seating risers, and advanced lighting and sound reinforcement systems.  The theatre also serves as a dance studio, and the 2nd Ave facility houses a music classroom as well as practice rooms.