The Honors Program in Theatre Studies

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Under the direction of Professor Carol Martin, the Honors Program in theatre and performance studies is a unique part of the Department of Drama’s mission to educate students to creatively engage decisive methods, texts, theories, and performances of the 21st century. Taught by leading faculty in the Department of Drama, the special-topic 4-credit Honors Seminars heighten intellectual exchange between students and faculty in seminar settings of 15 students. 

Fall 2021 Honors Seminar

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    Performance and the State

    THEA UT 801.001

    Professor Sebastián Calderón Bentin
    Tuesdays 9:30 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

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    Theatre of the Real

    THEA_UT 801.002

    Professor Carol Martin
    Tuesdays 2–4:45 p.m.

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    Adaptations and Its Discontents

    THEA_UT 801.003

    Professor Laura Levine
    Tuesdays 10 a.m.–1:45 p.m.

Spring 2022 Honors Seminar

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    Sex and Gender in Greek Tragedy

    THEA UT 801.001

    Dr. Robert Davis
    Thursdays 11 a.m.–1:45 p.m.

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  • The Neuroscience of Theatre

    The Neuroscience of Theatre

    THEA UT 801.002

    Professor Erin B. Mee
    Thursdays 2–4:45 p.m.

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More about the Program

Designed to develop analytical thinking, research, writing and oral presentation skills, seminars culminate in an original research paper. Students benefit from the enhanced learning experience with motivated peers. They can also elect to write an Honors Thesis and earn an “Honors Certificate” upon completion of three distinct courses, two Honors Seminars and Honors Thesis, for a total of 12-credit hours with a grade of B+ or better in all three courses. Honors Seminars are offered in fall and spring semesters and are open to students who have completed 30 credits.

Application Instructions

Honors Seminars have rolling application that remain open until the Seminar is filled. 
Please provide the following information in the body of an email 

  1. Name / email address / student ID number / local telephone number / number of credits completed.
  2. A brief statement of interest in the specific Seminar.
  3. Attach to the email your best essay written for another theatre studies course. 
  4. To apply for a second Honors Seminar, include the title of the Seminar you have taken, the name of the instructor, and your grade.  

Send your application to the instructor of the Seminar with a copy to John Dietrich - Instructor email addresses are included in the seminar descriptions.

Selection Process
Instructors select students based on stated interest in the subject matter, writing sample, interest in research, and, when applicable, previous work.  

Notification of acceptance will be made by the end of the semester. Because individual registration dates occur before seminar acceptance dates, students are advised to register for an alternative 4-credit course that can be dropped once the student is admitted to a Seminar. 

Questions about the Honors Program can be addressed to the Director of the Honors Program, Professor Carol Martin -

Honors Thesis

In Honors Thesis, the third and culminating 4-credit Honors Seminar, students write a 30-40-page critical thesis developed from original research (not including endnotes and works cited) with the guidance of a fulltime faculty member that occurs in weekly meetings.

Students apply to write an Honors Thesis after completing two or more Honors Seminars. Students should develop a research proposal and then approach a fulltime faculty member with areas of expertise that match the subject of the proposed thesis to serve as a thesis advisor.

Applications for writing an Honors Thesis should be made two to three weeks before the semester of enrollment. Students with a thesis advisor and an approved proposal should contact to enroll.

The theatre studies designation of the Honors Thesis course—Geography, Histories, Topics--is decided by the faculty thesis advisor in conversation with the student. Students can also use elective credits for all theatre studies courses. Questions about TS designation should be sent to the Directors of Theatre Studies and the Honors Program. Fulfilling a specific category means developing a topic to fit that category. The four TS requirements are: Geographies, Histories, Topics & Praxis plus “one additional” elective TS course in any category.

Theses deadlines are December 10 for the fall semester and April 25 for the spring semester. Students may have more than one advisor (one in Drama, the other can be in another NYU department). This option must be approved by the Drama faculty advisor and the Director of the Honors Program.

For questions contact Carol Martin, Director of the Honors Program at