2022 Honors Theses

“And Yet I Rage Alone, And Cannot Quit My Rage:” A Rumination on the Lives of Madwomen

By Stella Ferra
Thesis Advisor Professor Gwendolyn Alker


War of Images: Hollywood, Militarism, and US Empire

By Michael-Eoin Stanney
Thesis Advisor Professor Sebastian Calderon


“​Excuse Moi, Je Suis Français​”: Performing French Bourgeois National Identity Through Fashion

By Ines Ladha
Thesis Advisor Robert Davis


“And Yet You Say I Am Made Small By Grief": Mourning as an Act of Rebellion in Euripides

By Laurel Ledesma
Thesis Advisor Dr. Robert Davis


Narrative and Reality: Using Theatre to Tell the Story of Public Trauma

By Jessica Wall
Thesis Advisor Professor Carol Martin 


Performative Mimicry and Women’s Homosociality: Disrupting the ‘Masochistic Position’ of   Women Characters and Feminist Spectators

By Alexandra Hess
Thesis Advisor Professor Carol Martin


Soft Power “In a Vacuum:” Cultural Diplomacy and Francophone Decolonial Theatre in the U.S.

By Audrey Rogulski
Thesis Advisor Professor Alisa Zhulina


A Girl’s Guide to Surviving a Horror Movie: The Representation of Femininity throughout Television and Film

By Jordan Noelle Rene Flippo
Thesis Advisor Professor Alisa Zhulina


Labor and boredom in Chekhov's plays

By Yiling Luo
Thesis Advisor Professor Ted Ziter