2021 Honors Theses

 Le Jeu, Bouffon, and the Abject: the Actor as Other in Philippe Gaulier’s Classroom

By Lucas Kernan
Thesis directed by Professor Carol Martin

Happy to Meat You: The Theatrical Representation of Cannibalism in the United States

By Zara Lemieux
Thesis directed by Assistant Arts Professor Erin Mee

Shakespeare’s Societal Others: An Exploration of Race, Religion, Sexuality, and Gender in The Merchant of Venice and Othello

By Brock Looser
Thesis directed by Associate Professor Laura Levine

To Share or To Shock: The Argument for Trigger Warnings in Postdramatic Feminist Theater

By Kyra Moskowitz
Thesis Advisor Katrin Detmer

Zooming In: Defining the Boundaries of Digital Live Performance

By Diego Blanc Zoco
Thesis Advisor Assistant Professor Alisa Zhulina