Key Collaborators

Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Initiatives (OGI) 

As an office strengthening the university-wide culture of global inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and accessibility, Tisch works in alignment with the OGI team to provide resources to the community, assess shifts in process and practices at the school and university levels, and develop innovative strategies to implement this work in sustainable ways. 

Tisch participates in the Global Inclusion Officers Council, as well as attends many events and trainings offered by OGI. The School is a part of the strategic planning process being facilitated by OGI as a part of the Being@NYU initiative. We continue to operationalize our work in IDBEA through this process, considering the four pathways OGI has offered: developing people, informing and advancing policies, creating and expanding resources, and designing community targeted programs.

Office of Global Strategic Initiatives

The Office of Diversity works in close collaboration with the Office of Global Strategic Initiatives to develop school-wide IDBEA efforts. With a focus on relationship building with all members of the community, this office provides insight and feedback on how best to move complex initiatives forward in ways that are most impactful to the community. The office is also responsible for the Future Artists Program, among others that support pre-college students' exploration and involvement in the arts. 

Student Affairs 

Working in partnership with the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Diversity assists in supporting student groups, specifically the Tisch Coalition and Black Student Council. These student representative groups are dedicated to supporting progress in our IDBEA through programs and collaborations, while also advocating for BIPOC students.

Additionally, the offices work together to provide general support to students through community building events and opportunities and when IDBEA-related concerns or conflicts arise.

Office of Faculty 

The Office of Faculty works in collaboration with the Office of Diversity to support the diversifying of curriculum, learning opportunities on IDBEA-related topics, resource distribution, and approaches to broadening faculty searches. The team also assists in resolving conflicts and challenges that impact the community.

Tisch Initiative for Creative Research

Creative Research organizes and facilitates HEAR US (Honoring, Elevating, and Recapitalizing Underrepresented Stories), a mentorship program that celebrates and advances student projects that center marginalized voices and stories.

Human Resources

Human Resources plays an important role in supporting learning opportunities implemented for staff, administrators, and faculty. This team also assists in resolving conflicts and challenges that impact the community. 


The Office of Diversity works in close collaboration with the Tisch Communications team to share important IDBEA updates and resources with the community. Utilizing a variety of accessible platforms, the teams partner to monitor, assess, and foster digital engagement of IDBEA content.