Tisch IDBEA Timeline

Before 2014

For many years, Tisch has actively cultivated a multitude of departmental initiatives dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Allyson Green becomes Dean and makes a commitment to streamline IDBEA (inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, accessibility) school-wide. After engaging in listening sessions and receiving input from the community, Tisch began to establish core IDBEA efforts.


In addition to the continuous feedback shared at Tisch, listening sessions occurred at the university level with Senior Leadership, including Dean Green, in a discussion facilitated by former NYU Provost, Katherine Fleming and former Dean of CAS, Gabrielle Starr. Furthermore, the University Senate Executive Committee created the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force, composed of students, faculty and administrators from across the university.

Student engagement in the efforts at Tisch was formalized through the development of RAAD (Radical Artists Aiming for Diversity).


Dean Green established the Office of Strategic Initiatives led by Dr. Sheril Antonio, Senior Associate Dean and Patti Pearson, Assistant Dean. This office began the critical work of supporting summer pre-college programs aimed at strengthening the pipeline of students in the arts. Concurrently, the university began a search for a Chief Diversity Officer, launched the Being @ NYU Climate Assessment by Rankin & Associates, and developed the Bias Response Line, all resources available to the Tisch community.


Tisch hired Kathy Obear, a diversity consultant, to offer foundational learning opportunities for the faculty and staff. The offerings include: “Deepening Our Capacity to Create Greater Inclusion Inside and Outside the Classroom” and “Microaggressions in the Classroom and Beyond.”


The Cabinet was established to assist with the integration of IDBEA initiatives school-wide and to support the development of the Assistant Dean of Diversity position. They continue to advise and collaborate to expand IDBEA efforts at Tisch.

Efforts to increase communication and support were launched, including the Tisch IDBEA website containing information on the office and resources available to the community, and best practices for inclusive faculty searches.


The Tisch Office of Diversity was established and an Assistant Dean of Diversity was hired to spearhead IDBEA efforts at the school.


Tisch assessed and reaffirmed its commitment to IDBEA, determining priority areas to move the work forward in response to the needs of the community.

SARI (Students Against Racial Inequities), a student group engaged in this work, developed a video on microaggressions in collaboration with Tisch faculty, administrators and alumni. This group would evolve and become the BSC (Black Student Council).


Tisch hires Assistant Dean of Diversity, Christina Salgado and the Office of Diversity expands to include an Administrative Aide and Diversity Program Administrator.


Restorative practices are implemented, workshops focused on inclusive teaching and community building were offered, and communications and resources were further developed. Collaboration with the Cabinet and student groups continue, and a faculty and staff IDBEA committee was created as another avenue for feedback.

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