The Tisch Coalition

The Tisch Coalition is a group of undergraduate and graduate student representatives from each department across the school. The group supports student projects focused on inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and accessibility (IDBEA) values, and promotes cross-collaboration among different departments and affinity groups.


Established in 2020, the Coalition was developed to share progress and concerns, collaborate to productively move IDBEA efforts forward, and advocate for change. The group is supported by the Offices of Student Affairs and Diversity. 


Representatives are asked to:

  • Attend 2 meetings a semester
  • Contribute feedback on IDBEA projects and programs being developed school-wide through the Office of Diversity
  • Connect with students to share information about IDBEA efforts and to gather concerns or challenges that need to be assessed
  • Connect with departmental contact (chair or assigned administrator) to share updates from the group
  • Assist in the development and planning of IDBEA focused community events