Tisch School of the Arts is one of the world’s leading arts schools, and the communications team has the unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on its artists, scholars, and entrepreneurs through a variety of content and platforms. Some of these include:

Media Relations

Working closely with the NYU Office of Public Affairs, the Communications team facilitates news stories with external media that advance the school’s goals and showcase the work of the Tisch community. 

For assistance, please contact Peggy McGlone, Associate Director of Arts Communications, 212-998-6829 or

News & Editorial Coverage

From daily stories covering the Tisch community to profiles of alumni, students, and faculty, the News page comprises the latest community updates. 


The NYU Tisch School of the Arts website is the primary information hub for all things related to Tisch, including resources for prospective students, enrolled students, faculty, administrators, guests, and more.

Social Media

Social media is a vital and ever-evolving communications tool. Through our growing presence on a variety of platforms, Tisch shares the latest news and stories involving our community of students, alumni, and faculty. Follow our official accounts on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Vimeo.


Email Direct is a bulk email service through which pre-authorized NYU faculty, staff, and administrators can request to send an email message to a well-defined segment or segments of the University community or to the entire University community. When properly used, mass email is a powerful tool for conducting business swiftly, without generating large amounts of paper.

Write to for more information. 

Digital Signage

Tisch uses Sedna Presenter as digital signage software suite for our on-campus displayers. It offers a maximum of  flexibility, reliability and extraordinary performance. Sedna presenter helps you:

  • Manage and create stunning digital signange content
  • Publish and play signage projects
  • Distribute and deliver your brand messages
  • Focus on ideas, marketing, sales, production and content creation
  • Manage, schedule and deliver effortlessly with Sedna Presenter

Write to for more information. 

The Communications team also collaborates with university colleagues in the areas of: