Here Comes Something Wicked!

Friday, Aug 26, 2022

Here Comes Something Wicked

Here Comes Something Wicked

Susan Hilferty wowed Broadway with Wicked costume designs in 2004, winning the Tony Award for Best Costume Design of a Musical. Something Wicked | Susan Hilferty Costumes presents thirty of her exquisite and avant-garde costumes and designs—some never seen before. Explore the process of costume design in “Hilferty’s Studio”—but beware of flying monkeys! Artworks from The Tobin Collection of Theatre Arts and paintings by Judith Godwin, Robin Utterback, and Grace Hartigan share Hilferty’s spotlight. Something Wicked will be on view beginning Thursday, September 8.

You can find the exhibition in the Tobin Theatre Arts and Brown Galleries.

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