SADC December Concert

Thursday, Nov 30, 2017

Grace choreographed by Ron K. Brown, photos by Ella Bromblin.

Second Avenue Dance Company December Concert, performances from Thursday November 30th through Saturday December 2nd.
Featuring the Works of Paul Taylor and Ron K. Brown

Program Information
Guest Choreographers:
Promethean Fire Choreographed by Paul Taylor, Restaged by Richard Chen See

Grace (excerpts) Choreographed by Ron K. Brown

Student Choreographers:
STEADFAST Choreographed by Jordan Ryder

are we what we are Choreographed by Annalise Van Even

Marked at a Glance Choreographed by Dervla Carey-Jones

Them Choreographed by Dasol Kim

Sonar Waters Choreographed by Amanda Malfavon

Op. U Choreographed by GrUce StUngle

Novaturient Choreographed by Lorena Perez-Sanchez

Personal : Political Choreographed by Maxfield Haynes

Trial #17 Choreographed by Ayala Abrams


Op. U Choreographed by GRUCE STUNGLE, photos by Ella Bromblin.

STEADFAST choreorgraphed by Jordan Ryder, photos by Ella Bromblin.