cari ann shim sham* moderates fx(fam) Podcast

Thursday, Apr 27, 2023

fx(fam) Podcast

fx(fam) Podcast

cari ann shim sham* curated and moderates podcast "Spotlight on women & non-binary artists on fx(hash)" for fx(fam) 003 -Community town hall event.

It includes artists from the Museum of Wild & Newfangled Art's OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition featuring women & non-binary artists on the Tezos blockchain; Qianqian Ye Lead of p5.js for the Processing Foundation and NYU ITP/IMA Project fellow, Estelle Flores a brazilian contemporary artist working with video game art on Tezos blockchain Kusamehewa an afab, trans non-binary dissociative system interested in mathematics and art, and Wanda Oliver experimental photographer turned generative artist.

The OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibit triggered a 120k investment in women, non-binary and bipoc artists by the Tezos foundation with the question, "Why was there only 1 woman in the top 50 selling artists on Tezos for 2022?".

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