Balinese Master Class with Carlos Fittante

Friday, Sep 29, 2017

Balinese dance and mask master class with Carlos Fittante. A part of Patricia Beaman's Dance History class, taken by 2nd year Bachelor's students and 1st year Master's students.

Open to non-majors with permission by instructor.

DANC-UT 106 History of Dance I, 3 credits

DANC-GT 2102 Graduate Dance History, 3 credits

Carlos Fittante is artistic director of BALAM Dance Theatre, a contemporary world dance company inspired by Balinese theatre. Known for his spirited, elegant performances, he specializes in Balinese, Baroque, and Spanish escuela bolera dances, and performs these eclectic solos: Terunajaya, a Balinese fan dance; a masked Baroque dance, Chaconne de Phaeton, by Louis Pecour (circa 1704); and El Vito, a Spanish dance with castanets and cape. Dance critic Deborah Jowitt described Amantes, his fusion choreography combining Balinese mask and Latin pop-music as, “a haunting solo of indeterminate gender.” He has performed his work with the Boston Early Music Festival, Blue Hill Bach Festival, Apollo’s Fire, Gotham Early Music, Lincoln Center Out-of- Doors, Downtown Dance Festival, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, 2nd Encuentro de Baile Contemporáneo in Mexico, and the International Arts Festival in Bali. A graduate of the School of American Ballet, he holds a MFA in Dance from the University of Wisconsin and teaches ballet and world dance at Queens College/City University of New York.