Computer & Software

Communication & Information Technology (CIT) office provides a variety of information technology services and support to ensure our faculty and administrators work efficiently in the Tisch School of the Arts.

Tisch employees could contact us online via service request. For urgent issues, you will reach us at (212) 992-8452 or If convenient, you are welcomed to walk in to our services desk office at 721-725 Broadway during business hours.

Please note that our services are restricted to Tisch employees. Tisch students will contact NYU IT for all of technical services and support.

Computer & Network

Log into Computer

You use your NYU NetID and a password issued by CIT to log into your PC or Mac. The computer login password is NOT your NYUHome password. However, for simplicity and convenience, CIT recommends you set your computer login password the same of your NYUHome password. When you change your NYUHome password, you also need to update your computer login password.

Get Connected to NYU-Net

NYU-NET is the University gateway to the internet and world wide web, connecting NYU's many locations to one another and to the internet at large.

All of the computers must be registered with their MAC addresses in order to get connected to the NYU Network. You are required to submit a service desk request to with the information of room location, operating system, desktop or laptop, and the MAC address on your PC or Mac.

In addition, the data jack in your office must be activated by NYU IT. Please submit a data jack activation request to NYU IT.

Stay with NYU-Roam

The Wireless NYU-Roam service provides secure, wireless access to NYU-NET. Its access point name is "nyu", and available to all Tisch employees with NYU NetIDs from most NYU locations including global sites.

NYU guests and visitors who do not have an NYU NetID are eligible to connect to "nyuguest", a separate wireless network.

Secure off-campus Access

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required to access some secure NYU services when using a computer outside NYU-NET.

It provides password-protected access to NYU's network (NYU-NET) and Internet services from an off-campus location that is as secure as being connected directly to NYU-NET on campus. You can download it from NYU software website.

Software & Tools

Tisch IT distribute certain licensed software to Tisch employees. The distributed software is covered by the copyright laws of the United States. Please refer to the documentation provided with each application for the scope and coverage of each license. Please contact for installation instructions. More information about the university wise software can be found at the NYU software website.

Adobe Creative Cloud

NYU IT provides Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) for PC and Mac to all NYU employees. It includes the following 19 components.

  • Acrobat Pro DC
  • After Effects (Ae)
  • Animate (An)
  • Audition (Au)
  • Bridge (Br)
  • Character Animator (Ch)
  • Dimension (Dn)
  • Dreamweaver (Dw)
  • Illustrator (Ai)
  • InCopy (Ic)
  • InDesign (Id)
  • Lightroom (Lr)
  • Lightroom Classic (Lr)
  • Media Encoder (Menc)
  • Photoshop (Ph)
  • Prelude (Pl)
  • Premiere Pro (Pr)
  • Premiere Rush (Ru)
  • XD (Xd)

Please review our instructional guide to use Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe applications.

Microsoft Office 2016/365

CIT provides Microsoft Office 2016 to all Tisch employees for office computers. Tisch employees and students also have access to office 365 on your home comptuers and mobile devices. The Microsoft Office 2016/365 includes the following components.

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Onenote

You will follow this instruction to download and install Office 365 on your personally-owned computers and mobile devices at home.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) helps defend your computer and the NYU-NET network against viruses, trojan horses and other malicious software.

  • Distribution - You can download Symantec Antivirus software from NYUHome after you log in with your NYU NetID and password.
  • Available Platforms - Windows, Mac
  • Documentation and Training - Documentation is provided by the vendor

CIT advises SEP be installed on all of Tisch computers.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) is software that provides password-protected access to NYU's network (NYU-NET) and Internet services when you are connecting from off-campus. It is as secure as when you are connected directly to NYU-NET on campus. VPN is required to access some secure NYU services when using a computer outside NYU-NET.

  • Distribution - Only current, full-time staff, faculty, and degree students are able to use the VPN service. An active NYU NetID and password are required to both download and use VPN software. Non-degree students and alumni will not be able to authenticate using VPN.
  • For installation and configuration instructions for your device or operating system, see the ServiceLink knowledge base.

Mathworks Matlab

NYU has an annual Total Academic Headcount (TAH) Matlab@Mathworks License.

The TAH license is divided into three sections.

1. A student license is a stand-alone license. Its cost is $20.

2. A concurrent license is checked out by end users from the NYU Matlab server. It is accessible from off-campus with VPN, as well. It is free of charge.

3. A designated computer license, so called compus license, is also a stand alone license. Its cost is $100.

Tisch staff, faculty, researchers and students send requests for a Matlab license to NYU IT who determines for which license the requester is eligible. If a deal is reached, NYU IT will enter the new user in the decided Matlab site license. A password from Mathworks and an instruction from NYU IT are sent out to the user for downloading and installation.

You will need to renew your license every year. More information can be found at the NYU Software site.

Infrastructure & Development

File Share Services

NYU provides each employee with unlimited storage in Google Drive and Box, which can be used to shared files with your collaborators.

Tisch also offers internal file share services for our faculty and administrators. This resource can be accessed from NYU-Net on site or NYU VPN off site.

Big Data Backup & Archive

In response to your challenge to archive and manage the enormous growth of data efficiently, Tisch offers flexible backup and archiving solutions designed to address the large-scale data store in needs of your special multimedia projects or daily work. Our storage and archive systems scale excellently from terabytes (TB) to petabytes (PB) of capacity for a mix of workloads including home directories, virtualized file stores, and archive repositories—without sacrificing performance or security.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Tisch has been building a dedicated server hosting envoriment with high availability, performance, and scalability to meet the needs of most of your administrative and academic tasks.

You'll have access to all the server resources and horsepower you need for your applications. Plus, with our dedicated server experts managing and monitoring the performance of your server 24x7, you can focus on your business.