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Robert Anen inspects film

Current RML Fellow Robert Anen works on the film collection at Old Westbury Gardens in Old Westbury, NY.

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About the Regional Media Legacies Project

The Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (MIAP) program situated within the Department of Cinema Studies in the Kanbar Institute of Film & Television in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts embarked on the Regional Media Legacies (RML) project with the appointment of Project Manager, Marie Lascu in April 2019. The RML project is provided support from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation to train MIAP archivists on the management and care of film, video, audio, and digital media held across Long Island and New York City (Queens and Brooklyn, specifically). The RML project was created because regional audiovisual collections have been historically undervalued and often go unpreserved.

The RML project will honor the unique, informative, and often powerful stories that local media can continue to tell. Media made for regional audiences, especially those housed in organizations that lack archival resources or the skills of audiovisual specialists, often constitute what libraries and archives call hidden collections—rare recordings that capture local history and culture in a way that larger and better-resourced media collections often do not. The archival profession and scholarly community now recognize that local television, home movies, the works of independent artists, and region-specific productions tend to document lives and communities that are often invisible to national media and the entertainment industry.

NYU MIAP’s RML launched the core of its program in Fall 2019 with the appointment of a post-graduate fellow based in Long Island and a student internship onsite in Brooklyn. The 2019/2020 academic year focused on researching, identifying, and assessing existing audiovisual collections held in select memory institutions across the region. A second post-graduate fellow was appointed in Fall 2020. The final academic year of 2020/2021 will focus on working with the partner sites the RML team has connected with to support them in moving toward documentation of their current audiovisual collections and long-term preservation goals. The RML team will also continue to research other hidden audiovisual collections and share virtual education opportunities for interested regional stewards.

Selection of Historical Organizations

The RML team is looking to work with organizations that manage audiovisual collections of their own, or work with smaller organizations or individuals in need of assistance with their own audiovisual collections. This includes, but is not limited to: archives, museums, historical societies,  television stations, and media producers. We are also interested in connecting with individuals with media who may not be associated with a specific organization.

RML project activity is subject to the guidelines mandated by New York University. Most of our activities are currently being conducted remotely. Current recommendations for the Spring 2021 semester allow us to negotiate onsite visits or work as long as safety protocols are in place to ensure the safety of both our team members and your staff.

We realize that these are trying and unpredictable times for all of us during the Coronavirus pandemic. Even though your organization may not be open to the public or we may not be able to meet and work in person, the RML project team is still interested in working with you, however we possibly can. We would greatly appreciate your time responding to survey questions about any media items you may have. It will allow us to gather relevant information we need as part of our overall research, and together we may identify current needs and possible future projects.

If you are an individual or a part of an organization with an audiovisual collection located in Brooklyn, Queens, or Long Island and are interested in contributing to our research please email Once we hear from you, an RML team member will reach out with survey information. We are also more than happy to discuss your collection. We will also ask that you separately fill out the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation's Collections Care Form.

Regional Media Legacies Team

Project Manager, Marie Lascu

Marie Lascu is the Audiovisual Archivist for Crowing Rooster Arts, a non-profit that has spent 20 years documenting the arts and political struggles of Haiti, and Digital Archivist for Ballet Tech, a public school for dance in NYC. She also works as an independent archival consultant with organizations such as Third World Newsreel and the Community Archiving Workshop subcommittee under the Association of Moving Image Archivists. She is a graduate of NYU’s M.A. in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program (’12), and is the 2016 recipient of the Society of American Archivists Spotlight Award.

RML Fellow, Robert Anen

RML Fellow, Claire Fox

Director of the MIAP Program and Principal Investigator, RML, Juana Suárez

Academic Program Manager, MIAP, Jessica Cayer

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