January 2022 Undergraduate Courses

The January term will run from January 3-18, 2022.

Registration for January 2022 courses opens on Monday, October 18, 2021. No departmental clearance is required to register.

Close Analysis of Film: Citizen Kane

Dana Polan
Mondays-Thursdays, 12:30-4:30pm
721 Broadway, Room 648
CINE-UT 290 / class # 1386

Within the history of American film, Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane from 1941 enjoys special status as a work that pushed Hollywood studio filmmaking in experimental directions (complicated editing, deep focus, complex sound design, and so on). It has energetic supporters – it was for many years the front-runner in the film magazine Sight & Sound’s poll of critics’ top film (in recent times, it has been displaced by Hitchcock’s Vertigo) – and detractors (for example, the German exile philosophers Horkheimer and Adorno) saw as the key example of Hollywood paying lip service to experimentalism all the better to close it off everywhere else. This course aims to examine the phenomenon of Citizen Kane through both very close reading (shot by shot analysis) and contextual study. We will look at topics such as: the nature of the Hollywood studio system (and, in particular, of the studio for Citizen Kane, RKO), questions around film authorship (there are raging debates around Welles’s authorship versus that of screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz), notions of genre (in a way, Citizen Kane offers a fictional play on the standard Hollywood biopic – biographical picture), and so on. We will study editing, shot composition, narrative structure, acting, etc. in the composition of Citizen Kane as a work of Hollywood experimentation.


Juana Suárez
Mondays-Thursdays, 12:30-4:30pm
CINE-GT 1117 / class # 1579

A critical overview of Latin American diverse cinematic legacies that analyzes the history and access to archives and holdings of major national film archives, and minor archives (regional film archives, private film collections, community archives, border archives, and centros de la memoria).

Interested undergraduates should email juana@nyu.edu to obtain approval to register.