Declan George Zimmermann

Adjunct Instructor

Declan Zimmermann


Declan Zimmermann is an award-winning filmmaker, storyteller and animator who crafts main titles and visual effects for feature films, as well as animations for awards shows and event spaces. His work is featured 2019’s Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am, and has played at events from London to New Delhi to Madison Square Garden.

Valued by collaborators for his insight into visual solutions, Declan believes that every design choice, from the broad creative strokes down to the minutiae of technical logistics, is driven by the question “How does this support the story?”

Declan loves sharing his passion for powerful visual storytelling and his decades of industry expertise with his students. When not in the classroom, Declan runs Perpetual Motion Graphics, which provides creative direction, motion design, art direction, strategic consulting and project management to films, companies and nonprofits.

Declan holds a BA in English from Williams College and has been variously a writer, director, editor, musician and performer. He has been teaching at Tisch since 2016.



Introduction to Animation Techniques


B.A., Williams College, Williamstown, MA