Zipora Trope

Associate Arts Professor


  • My Dearest Enemy (2019) [Director, Writer, Producer]
  • Cafe Europa (2012) [Director, Writer, Cinematographer]
  • Eshet Rosh Hamemshala (2010) [Director, Producer, Cinematographer]
  • A Ballad for My Son (2005) [Director, Producer, Cinematographer]
  • Looking for the Lost Voice (2004) [Director, Producer]
  • Six Million Pieces (2001) [Director, Writer]
  • Chronicle of Love (1999) [Director, Writer, Producer]
  • Tel-Aviv Berlin (1987) [Director, Writer]
  • Tell Me That You Love Me (1983) [Director, Writer]

Tzipi Trope's feature films include: Tell Me That You Love Me (HBO); Tel-Aviv Berlin (Best Israeli film Award, Best Script Award best supporting actress award); "Chronicle of Love" (which she also produced): "Six Million Pieces": Movie of the Week; "Adela".  Documentaries; "The Magic Circle"; "A Day With Madeline"; "My Brother"; "A Dream Comes True"; "Political Theater":  Feature Documentaries: "Nava's Hair Salon"; "Political Theater"; "Close And Far Away", " looking for the Lost Voice", " A Ballad for My Son"  "The Prime Minister's Wife" (also DP), "Cafe Europa" (also DP) . Her feature scripts include: "Freedom Fighters", "Oh Jerusalem", "Sara", "Dearest Enemy", "Thelma and Her Sisters".  Her films were in many film festivals among them: Berlin, Montreal, London, Kadis, Munich, Montpelier  Barcelona Torino, Milan, Taromina Golden Gate Award, San Francisco International Film Festival, First Prize New York Expo of Short Films and Video, and more. ;Her play "Daniel" was featured in the Festival of New Plays. She is currently editing her Doc " Trapped", ( also DP) she completed a new play " Lea and Sandra" and is in pre- production on her feature film:" Dearest Enemy". Tzipi was the Head of the Film Program at Haifa University and she taught at Columbia University, Graduate Film Department.


MA., Ph.D. University of Michigan