Bruce Shackelford

Post Production Center Manager

Bruce Shackelford

Bruce spent many years in the performing arts beginning in the 1970’s as a mime and performing musician at the World of Sid and Marty Krofft in Atlanta, GA.

In the 1980’s Bruce continued to work as a musician, songwriter and guitarist.  He returned to school to study art and painting, earning his BFA from the University of Kansas.  Still interested in learning, he branched out into Theatre Design, earning his BGS degree and winning an American College Theatre Festival award for one of his designs.   

As a student in NYU’s Graduate Film program, he developed his interest in audio while working on numerous films on location and in postproduction.  Bruce earned his MFA in Film in 1995 receiving an Award for Excellence in Sound.

Bruce was one of the founding members of The Museum of Sound Recording in 1993, serving many years as the Vice President and was a member of The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS).

He began working as an administrator for the Film and TV department in 1995.  While working for the department, he continues to evolve as a screenwriter, sound designer and voice actor.   He has written two features, was a finalist in the Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship, finished numerous sound designs for short films, and performs as vocal talent.  Bruce is also an adjunct instructor teaching sound for the department and he continues his interest in music.

Bruce lives in beautiful Poughkeepsie, NY with his wife, dog and cat