TCR's 2022 End-Of-Year Summary

Thursday, Sep 1, 2022

Another extraordinary year! Last year, our reflections focused on the many changes…This year, we want to tell the story in a different way - by program and in pencil-point format, to highlight the breadth and depth of research led by members of the Tisch community in AY22. We are proud to support you and inspired by the questions you ask, the connections you make and the values you model!



Because the HEAR US awards are designed to catalyze a long-term cultural shift, the program supports projects at all phases of completion with multiple levels of mentorship and funding. In 2021-22, HEAR US:

Student Research Fund

Students are a critical part of the research community at Tisch, and the Tisch Initiative for Creative Research (TCR) has been funding graduate student-led inquiry since our inception in 2014. Last year, we welcomed undergraduates to the program by creating a consolidated Student Research Fund (SRF) which:

  • Received 33 applications, representing 10 academic programs/departments
  • Awarded 9 projects, (4 undergrad, 5 grad)

Catwalk Residency

Since 2015, the Tisch Initiative for Creative Research has partnered with Catwalk Institute to offer residency opportunities for alumni, faculty, and staff. Catwalk provides a unique, low-tech environment for artists and scholars from the Tisch community to write, reflect, and create on Catwalk’s 70-acre property in Catskill, NY. Last year, our Catwalk Residency program:

  • Received 34 applications, representing 6 academic programs/departments
  • Made 17 nominations, resulting in 13 residencies

Mega Grants Incubator

In 2019, the Research Working Group focused on developing a small number of proposals that would be competitive for the University's Mega Grants Initiative. By providing some “incubation,” we hoped to create a pipeline of projects able to attract significant external funding to support research at Tisch. In 2021-22, Lynne McVeigh submitted Tisch’s first proposal to the NYU Mega Grants Initiative and was awarded seed funding to help her prepare a multi-million dollar request to the National Institutes of Health!

Other TCR Activities

Future Imagination Fund

Catalyzed by visionary alumna, Sharon Chang, the Future Imagination Fund supports interdisciplinary and inter-sectional research and collaborations among artists, scholars, entrepreneurs, image makers, filmmakers and others, through fellowships, residencies, scholarships, convenings, and other programmatic elements. In 2021-22, the Fund supported:

Collaborative for Creative Practice and Social Justice

The Collaborative for Creative Practice and Social Justice includes twenty-one arts and cultural organizations working over three years to explore the impact of the arts in and with communities through themes of justice and equity, relationship building, sustainability, and social impact. Last year, the Collaborative: