Sharon Chang

Sharon Chang

Sharon Chang is the “Original Future Architect”— an expert generalist armed with a unique collection of building blocks to construct positive change in the world. Her work focuses on reframing the relationship between capital, creativity and impact through masterfully calibrated collaborations.

A philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor in transformational ideas and technologies, Sharon is also trained as an artist, designer and architect. As the Founder and Managing Partner of Future Architects, she has brought together a dedicated team to design and implement every aspect of future architecture from theory to practice.

Early in her career, Sharon developed her creative and business expertise at the nexus of Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Silicon Valley as an award-winning strategic mastermind. After nearly two decades exploring the most consequential intersections of these culture-making forces, she began to pioneer a powerful discipline – future architecture – that designs, translates and manifests the intangible to shape complex cross-sector collaboration. Since 2010, she has been remixing philanthropy, private equity and impact investment, social entrepreneurship, leadership development, design thinking and filmmaking into dynamic new configurations to challenge outdated systems.

As Sharon pursues her own journey toward mastery, her wide-ranging endeavors continue to design and test new systems that govern our everyday activities – the way we eat, shop, travel, learn, work, think, dream and create. From a film that inspires gender equality to a fashion brand that drives conscious consumption; a smart city operating system to a fair-trade apparel factory in West Africa, all her projects confront the status quo and help to make the world more beautiful for more people. By choice she remains an outsider to every industry and strives to be a native to all the communities that she works hard to cultivate.

Sharon lives in New York City and travels the world often. She makes spectacular martinis and loves snow-capped mountains and exotic ice cream.