Andreas Petrossiants

Ph.D. Candidate

Andreas Petrossiants

Andreas Petrossiants is a writer and editor living in NY. His work has appeared in Historical MaterialismNew InquiryAJ+ Subtext, Frieze,,, Social TextRoar Magazine, the Verso blog, The Brooklyn RailHyperallergic, and e-flux journal, where he is the associate editor. His doctoral research looks at tenants' movements in New York and Italy through abolitionist and autonomist Marxist lenses. 

Why PS @ NYU?

I'm interested in collectively thinking through the histories of popular movements and visual culture using the methodologies and tools of performance studies, cultural studies, and radical history. My aim is to study cultural and political practices in the contexts of the communities from which they emerge, learning from theory developed through lived struggle, rather than apart from it.


New York University


New York, New York   

Courtauld Institute of Art

MASTER OF ARTS - Art History

New York, New York     

New York University

Bachelor of Arts - Global Liberal Studies

New York, New York


• founder and co-editor of the multi-volume series Diversity of Aesthetics

• ‘UnHomeless NYC’ Calls Into Question the Exceptionality of Artistic Practice, Frieze Magazine 

• Under Etna’s Shadow: Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Volcano, E-flux Journal

• Andreas Petrossiants on Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Il Decameron (1971), ArtForum

• Inside and Out: The Edges to Critique, E-flux Journal

•"Preliminary Notes Toward a Destituent Art," Social Text 42, no. 2, 159 (forthcoming, June 2024)

•"Subaltern Composition: On the Unrealized 1970 Gela Insurrection," Notebooks: The Journal for Studies on Power 3, no. 1 (2023).