Tisch Undergraduate Student Council Wins a President's Service Award

Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017

Tisch Undergraduate Student Council receives their award from President Andy Hamilton. Performance Studies B.A. students Jeremy Swanton and Rachel Greenblatt (far right) were in attendance.

The Tisch Undergraduate Student Council received a President's Service Award under the leadership of Performance Studies B.A. student Jeremy Swanton.

The President’s Service Award recognizes the distinguished achievements of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and student organizations for their commitment to civic engagement and service in local communities across the University's global network or for their promotion of learning, leadership, and quality of student life at New York University. 

Jeremy Swanton is a Performance Studies B.A. student and president of the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council. The focus of his studies lies in the analysis of the performance of everyday life. Jeremy's work plays with the limitations of words and the formation of identity structures throughout time and language. In addition to his academic research, Jeremy is an active performer and musician of both stage and screen.

Rachel Greenblatt is a Performance Studies B.A. student and a member of the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council. In addition to her major in Performance Studies, she is also majoring in Psychology and minoring in Producing.