Rachel Greenblatt

BA Candidate

Rachel Greenblatt

Rachel is a current Senior at Performance Studies. She transferred from Northeastern University, where she studied Theatre. She is from Philadelphia, PA and graduated from Friend's Central High School. In addition to her major in Performance Studies, she is also majoring in Psychology and minoring in Producing. 

Rachel is currently a health educator for Peer Health Exchange and is also serving as the Club Liaison for Tisch's undergraduate student council.  


I chose Performance Studies at NYU because I want to study the ways in which performance impacts society and how histories and cultures play a role in creating different performance mediums.  As a theatre major at my previous university, I found myself limited by the fundamental approach of their theatre department.  To me, “theatre” is more expansive and interconnected than how my institution was presenting it.  I am passionate about studying how performance affects the communities in which we live and how performance arts can impact societies to promote social change. 

Tisch’s performance studies interdisciplinary curriculum coupled with its experiential educational approach as well as NYU’s aim to provide students with the tools they need to shape society is what I was looking for in a learning environment.  As someone who enjoys challenging conventional ideas, experimenting with various forms of expression and finding new ways to look at and analyze a topic, I knew that an education at New York University would expand my views of performance while providing the diverse academic environment and passionate student community that would further enable me to grow and impact the world around me.


New York University

Bachelor of Arts Candidate - Performance Studies

New York, New York