PS Alumni Ethan Philbrick presents 'Song in an Expanding Field' with the Poetry Project

Monday, May 2, 2022

Song in an Expanding Field

Song in an Expanding Field

Performance Studies Alumni Ethan Philbrick (Ph.D. '18) will present a series of events entitled Song in an Expanding Field with The Poetry Project this spring. 

The four events in this series – which will bring together artists including Malik Gaines, L’Rain, Hamed Sinno, Harmony Holiday, Amelia Bande, and many more – invite us to suspend familiar assumptions about what songs are, about the relationship between song and form or song and genre, and through this suspension to learn again what songs can be and do. Philbrick explains, "When song breaks with inherited forms and structures, it is often thought to cease to be song and become something else entirely: sound, improvisation, poem, performance, etc. This series gathers artists working at the edge of song and not-song to explore the significance and force of this expanded field of practice."

Professor Fred Moten will feature in the event Improvisation, noise and lowness: Ready and Discussion Group Meeting on Tuesday, May 17th. And Professor Malik Gaines will participate in the event Music, theater, and desire: Reading and Discussion Group Meeting on Tuesday, May 31st, as well as a performance, Malik Gaines & Hamed Sinno, on Friday June 3rd.  Check out the full roster of events in the link below!