Manion Kuhn's "you feel me???"

Monday, May 20, 2019

Image courtesy of solYchaski

Image courtesy of solYchaski

Opening Thursday, May 23rd, B.A. Graduate and M.A. candidate Manion Kuhn co-curated "you feel me??? thinking through affect, impulse, and sensation" with Grace Rogers, Gallatin B.A. 2019, at Gallatin Galleries at 1 Washington Place. 

"you feel me???" features work of PS students Isa Saldaña, M.A. 2019, solYchaski, B.A. (Sol, 2020).

Opening reception with performance program, including "stealing intimacies" by Isa Saldaña, Wednesday, May 29th, from 5-7pm.

Curatorial statement:

Affect, synonymous with emotions and sensations, has both emerged and escaped from the strange project of theorizing what we feel. Working beyond the interior of individual bodies, affect presents itself in the physical world: it is in the stammering of a difficult thought, the negotiating of bodies on a narrow sidewalk, the straightening of shoulders before entering a government building. In organizing this show, we aim to shelter these sensations: the fever, the fervor, the hunch, the infection - and make space for their material lives and forms.

"you feel me???" is a group inquiry inside a world continually thinking from its neck, up. The artists investigate pop songs, private musings, massive corporations, family histories, and bodily sensations to reckon with the impulses coursing through our daily lives. Walking the ever-contested line between “material” and “immaterial” the work invites us to consider how to translate our feelings, as we each move from interior experience to collective resonance.