Luis Rincón Alba Performs in the Experimental Film Muntu Child

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020

A man standing in between two seated figures wearing masks

Photo by Leonardo Rua

PS Ph.D. candidate Luis Rincón Alba performs in the experimental film, Muntu Child, which will premiere at the ScreenDance Miami Festival 2020. 

The experimental dance film Muntu Child, directed by Natalie Marx and Leonardo Rua, will premiere at the Screen Dance Miami Festival 2020 edition at the Pérez Art Museum. The film features Jamaican dancer Shammar Watt and Ph.D. student and performance artist Luis C. Rincón Alba. The film takes its inspiration from the epic novel "Changó el Gran Putas" (Changó de Biggest Badass) by Colombian writer Manuel Zapata Olivella originally published in the 1980s. The film is currently making its first round in film festivals. The film will continue evolving into a longer project after this initial round.