Biba Bell choreographs and performs in "together" at Jack

Friday, Jul 8, 2016

together is an accumulation of materials from an ongoing project looking at dance, domesticity, modernism, affect, and architecture. The first and last installments, It Never Really Happened, are initially set in a Mies Van der Rohe apartment in downtown Detroit. See here videos from part one in Detroit (2015) and Miami (2016). The project has had many facets, also including à residencea performance/video installation at Kunstlerhaus Bremen. This piece will feature past, present, and future extensions of the project.

Both a combination of, and a departure from, the past few years of Bell's research and performance engaging dance through an affective, archi-historic lens of modernism and domesticity, together marks a new movement of portrayal. Developed in residencies that span from Germany to Austin, Texas, together significantly draws upon ample time spent in a glass box and its accompanying green space - a Mies van der Rohe live/work apartment couched in Detroit's Lafayette Park. From the solo silhouette to the celebratory ensemble, dematerializing walls and stepping out to the music, the search for home may be best conceived in this dance together.  

Choreography by Biba Bell​ (PhD '15, MA '07)

Performance with Paige Martin, Jordan Holland, Christopher Braz, Ta'Rajee Omar and Biba Bell.

Music with Scott Zacharias

Curated by Stacy Grossfield

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