M.A. Program


Program Description

The Masters in Performance Studies offers students the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in this concentrated program and earn their degree in one year. Students whose long-range plans include doctoral-level training will receive excellent foundational preparation for not only theater, performance studies, and dance Ph.D. programs, but also for advanced academic research in gender/queer studies, critical race studies, literary studies, visual/communication studies, American studies, etc.

The program targets not only those students aimed at advanced (doctoral) studies in performance or related fields, but those individuals engaged in, or headed towards, careers in art practice as well: choreographers, performance artists, directors, designers, etc. who seek to supplement their technical training with a deep engagement in performance theory will have an opportunity to consider their practice-based knowledge in relation to theories of performance. Graduates of the M.A. program may pursue careers in arts management/administration, education, grant-writing, and other arts-related media and policy work.

The M.A. and Ph.D. Programs in Performance Studies are administered by the Tisch School of the Arts and degrees are conferred by the Graduate School of Arts and Science at NYU.

"What I particularly like is the way in which Performance Studies is interested in how...the body is so crucial to the making of meaning – not just the conferral of meaning, but producing new meanings."

—Ann Pellegrini, Professor