Brightspace Reference

Reusing NYU Classes content

All 2020 NYU Classes content is available in NYU LMS (Brightspace) as “Reference Sites.” FA19 NYU Classes content will become available in Brightspace by June 30, 2021.

A Reference Site contains content from your existing NYU Classes course for you to edit and/or reuse in your current/future courses and does not include roster and student information. For more information on how to reuse your NYU Classes content, visit the Reusing NYU Classes Content webpage.

If you do not see your reference site and need assistance, please contact your school Ed Tech support team

Get Training

Whether you prefer to learn on your own or attend live training, school instructional support teams, global sites, and NYU IT Teaching & Learning with Technology (TLT) teams are creating a range of resources to support the transition. Please visit your school’s educational technology site or contact your Ed Tech Support team to learn more, or refer to the Faculty & Staff Training Page

Stay Updated

Stay up to date with service updates, training opportunities, and more by subscribing to the NYU Classes & NYU LMS (Brightspace) Updates Group. This group was previously named NYU Classes Updates, so if you have subscribed to that group, no action is needed. To view all previous messages from Clay Shirky and Ben Maddox, please refer to the All NYU LMS (Brightspace) Messages page.


Contact the NYU IT Service Desk or your EdTech support team for questions and visit to learn more.