Brane Zivkovic Breaks Down The Grim Game

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017

Photo Credit: Sally Cummings

Turns out you don't have to go to a club or a concert to have an immersive listening experience. You can also go to Bobst.

The Avery Fisher Center, Bobst's media research facility, has been an important part of the library for 30 years. In January 2017, it got a facelift and a new home, complete with updated audiovisual technology, including the new Feldstein Immersion Room. As detailed in the Fall 2017 Progressions:

With speakers on all four walls and ceiling, a 90-inch display, and an audio interface with 24 inputs and outputs, the immersion room is unlike any other at NYU. Composers of spatialized music make use of the space surrounding the listener by sending specific sounds to specific speakers at specific times. It takes the right sound system for such pieces to be appreciated.

Open Arts Professor Brane Zivkovic was featured in the article, using the Feldstein Immersion Room to dissect one of his compositions from "The Grim Game," a rediscovered Harry Houdini silent film he scored. Brane has always exhibited a passion for using cutting-edge technology to create music, and teaches this same passion to students in his courses. He teaches for Tisch Film & Television as well.

You can read the Fall 2017 issue of Progressions, published by NYU Libraries, here.