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Thursday, Aug 24, 2017

Invent Yourself Here IMA BFA


ITP is always in the process of reinvention but next year it will be a bigger than usual change. We are starting an undergraduate program and moving into an amazing new facility in Brooklyn.

After 38 years, ITP is finally creating an undergraduate BFA program called Interactive Media Arts (IMA) starting in Fall 2018.  We feel like we are having a baby and we are thrilled. Interactive Media has arrived as an important tool for all kinds of thinking and expression. Students are now able to get past computer science to apply computation in every possible discipline in a liberal arts education.

Applications are now open for the IMA BFA program -- we are looking for highly creative, interdisciplinary, boundary-breaking, open-minded, motivated, high energy candidates who will mirror the diversity of backgrounds and experience that have defined ITP all these years. Please help us spread the word to your network and let them know about our new undergrad offering. Any questions can be directed to

And if that isn't enough, next year we are moving to Brooklyn to an incredible new building that will be a center for the arts, technology and innovation in NYC.  

NYU is currently renovating the old MTA headquarters at 370 Jay Street in Brooklyn, and keeping the acronym MTA which will now stand for “Media Technology and Art.”  ITP has been asked to lead the charge in creating this new place for the intersection of Art, Science, Engineering, Design and the Humanities.  

We look forward to bringing ITP’s messy magic to a whole building with more space, ground floor galleries, a performance garage, a floor of cutting edge capture studios, multiple types of fabrication facilities, great Tisch neighbors like Game Design and Recorded Music and an array of forward looking initiatives connected to the NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, all in a super green building surrounded by the creative neighborhoods of Brooklyn with practically every subway in the city stopping in the basement.  It is very sad to leave our great space at 721 Broadway but we promise to keep it weird in Brooklyn.

These two big changes make ITP a more visible leader at New York University -- in New York City -- and generally in the field of emerging media.  Though it would appear that we are all grown up, and respectable, we still can retain the ability to “fly beneath the radar” as our founder  Red Burns used to say.  We need to keep ITP unbureaucratic, nonhierarchical, playful, and a slightly subversive place where surprising things can still happen.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Midori Yasuda at

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IMA undergrad program

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