The Future Imagination Fellows Features 2 ITP Alumni!

Tuesday, Mar 29, 2022

The Future Imagination Fellows features 2 ITP alumni - Dana Karwas and Johann Diedrick - which fosters interdisciplinary, artist-led, solution-focused research to address the difficulties we all face in a rapidly changing world.

Nominated for participation in the Collaboratory by their peers, are accomplished creators, technologists, futurists, researchers, and entrepreneurs - pushing boundaries and creating new spaces for intersectional work. We have brought them together this year to explore what might happen when they work in proximity to one another, and to imagine a better future with us.

Supported by the new Future Imagination Fund, the Future Imagination Collaboratory will yield new investigations, new ideas and new questions. We look forward to sharing more about the 2022 Collaboratory in the coming months.

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