ITP Alum Featured in Bitforms

Friday, Jun 26, 2020

Screenshot of a computer that reads do you want to replace the existing Normal? Yes? No? Cancel?

ITP Alum Addie Wagenknecht was featured in Bitforms.

This week’s ⌘F invites conversation with Addie Wagenknecht. Wagenknecht is an American artist based in Austria whose work explores the tension between expression and technology. Blending conceptually-driven painting, sculpture, and installation with the ethos of hacker culture, Wagenknecht constructs spaces between art object and lived experience. Here, the darker side of systems that constitute lived reality emerge, revealing alternative yet parallel realities. In the context of post-Snowden information culture, Wagenknecht’s work contemplates power, networked consciousness, and the incessant beauty of everyday life despite the anxiety of being surveilled.

This interview was conducted via email back and forth throughout April and May. The work we are discussing is titled Believe Me, a 2017 commission from the Whitney’s portal for internet art, ARTPORT. To access the work, please click here.

See the piece here.