NYU Launches MYCRO Mag, Featuring ITP Alum Weiran Tao

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023

Carbonarium, by Weiran Tao  - shaped plastic, metal, and glass containing liquids and white solids.

Carbonarium by Weiran Tao

Today marks the launch of MYCRO Mag, an NYU student-run interdisciplinary print and online publication focused on microbes and funga beyond mushrooms.  MYCRO offers a blend of science, art, industry practices, and engineering and features contributions from a diverse group of NYU students, faculty, and outside collaborators. The project is proudly funded by a Green Grant from the NYU Office of Sustainability and is available free in-print and online at https://www.mycromag.org. One featured article is a thesis by recent ITP graduate Weiran Tao about a speculative design research initiative called Carbonarium.


Founded and edited by Katya Bloomberg and designed by Shelby Hipol, both Masters’ candidates at NYU Steinhardt’s Nutrition & Food Studies program with prior media and publishing experience.

“MYCRO was conceived after I spent a year as President of the Mycology Club at NYU, where I had begun to envision a publication that brought attention to the fascinating world of mycology beyond mushrooms, full of thought provoking articles and captivating images that highlight student research, industry developments, and other disciplines working with fungi and microbes.”
- Katya Bloomberg, Founder & Editor


Issue 01 of MYCRO is free online at https://www.mycromag.org.  In-print copies are available by request and will be available at the official MYCRO launch party: 5-7PM, November 28 at 19 University Place, Room 102.  NYU community members RSVP using NYU Engage.  The launch party will feature a talk by microbiome ethnographer Amber Benezra, author of Gut Anthro.


MYCRO brings together the talents of NYU students, faculty, and outside collaborators from a variety of backgrounds, creating a richly interconnected mycelium-like network of perspectives that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.


Generous support from the NYU Office of Sustainability through a Green Grant enables MYCRO to explore and communicate the importance of microbes and fungi in current and future ecological systems, sustainability practices, and in agriculture and food engineering.


Striking original illustrations, watercolors, and microscopic photography grace the pages of MYCRO, offering a general audience of readers a visually engaging and accessible exploration of often-hidden or complex organisms and ideas.


Email: mycromag@gmail.com

Website: https://www.mycromag.org

Instagram @mycromag