ITP Alumni Host Opening Performance of "COMIO"

Thursday, Nov 9, 2023

Over the past few months, ITP alumni Duncan Figurski, August Luhrs, Rebecca Walden, Sam Heckle and Daniel Rautenbach have experimented with the physical and digital interfaces aimed at de-centering the experience of the individual. This showcase highlights their first prototype installation/ritual aimed toward this research.

Come see a performance, hear them talk about the work, and experience the installation for yourself.

The opening workshop is on November 11th - there will be two performances: 6.00-6:30pm, and 7:10-7.40pm, followed by a 30 minute reception with the artists hosted by Level Gallery located at 1639 Centre Street, Queens, NY, USA.

This is an in-progress workshop where the artists want to hear visitor feedback, especially of those are interested in working with osc to unity and ableton, kinect integration in physical installations, and movement. They are also focusing on thematic topics of haecceity, bodies without organs, and many into one.

RSVP here.