Project Launch: Future Past News

Thursday, Oct 20, 2016

artwork of an antique TV set with text on screen

Future Past News

Future Past News is an Augmented Reality experience created by artists Karolina Ziulkoski & Andrea Wolf, exposes disturbing parallels between present day and 1937 pre-war turmoil, hoping to raise awareness of our political choices.

A couple of years ago, ITP Alumna Andrea Wolf found a super8 newsreel from 1937. The news showed governments in chaos, strikes, and impending wars. Knowing what followed the turmoil of this prewar time, this old news sparked a deep feeling of despair and an ominous sense of deja vu.  The project shows the old newsreel footage from 1937 on our website and allows you to replace the footage with contemporary analogous news stories via an AR app that you can download at the AppStore.

Here’s how it works: to experience this project viewers need to download the free Augmented Reality app from the Apple App Store. Then go to on a computer or another device’s browser and play the video in fullscreen mode. On an iPhone or iPad, open the app and point the device’s camera to the computer screen. Looking at the news from 1937 through the app you’ll be able to view today's state of affairs.

Karolina Ziulkoski is new media artist from Porto Alegre, Brazil. She uses technological applications to create immersive experiences that allow for a deeper participatory exchange between stories and audiences.

Andrea Wolf is an interdisciplinary artist interested in the relationship between personal memory and cultural practices of remembering. She creates multimedia installations that explore how technology, media and memory affect and transform each other, creating models of remembrance that are culturally shaped