Lisa Jamhoury

Resident Researcher, Class of 2017

Photo of Lisa Jamhoury

Lisa Jamhoury is an experience designer and new media artist working at the intersection of the physical body and technology. Her work takes the form of live interactive performances, immersive websites and physical installations. Lisa’s work questions quickly-adapted norms in daily relationships with communications technology, and how embodiment changes the way people treat each other. She also has a long history working with social impact organizations, creating stories that increase empathy.

Lisa is currently a research resident at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and the founding chief digital officer at media strategy company, Blue Chalk Media. She is the creator of—an online hub for aerial acrobats—and an editorial board member of—a visual storytelling journal published by Northeastern University’s Media Innovation program.

Lisa’s current work is supported by the NYU Arts Council Visual Arts Initiative Award, the xStory Experiments in Storytelling Google Research Grant, the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics GO! Emerging Artist Commissioning Grant, and the Mediaocean Women in Technology Scholarship. Her past work has been recognized by the Webby Awards, Davey Awards, Silver Anvil Awards, and the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship, among others.