Bloomsbury Releases Professor Gail Segal & Dean Sheril Antonio's “Dramatic Effects with a Movie Camera”

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

Gail Segal (left) & Sheril Antonio

Gail Segal (left) & Sheril Antonio

Bloomsbury Publishing recently released Professor Gail Segal & Dean Sheril Antonio’s Dramatic Effects with a Movie Camera, a practical guide to the visual storytelling potential of different camera techniques.

With detailed analysis of clips from 45 films, from 30 countries, this is a unique window into how movie-making masters have made the most of their cameras – and how you can too. By exploring how a close-up shot of a character's face can help the viewer share their fear or joy, or how a moving camera can reveal plot points, connect objects and characters in space or give clues to their state of mind, Gail Segal and Sheril Antonio show how choice of shot can dramatically affect your narrative.

"This book is filled with the same love and knowledge of cinema that I experienced as a graduate student at NYU,” wrote alumnus and Oscar-nominee Joshua James Richards. “I’m so excited that others can now share this knowledge. Drawing from important references both classic and new, Gail and Sheril guide us through the seemingly infinite possibilities of our craft,  whilst beautifully illustrating its traditions. It is a wonderful resource for both experienced filmmakers and students. A treasure.”

Added Josephine Decker: “Gail and Sheril have put their intuitive insight about cinema into this thorough and charged text that cracks open the magic of filmmaking for anyone.”

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