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Administration & Staff

Administrative Services

Natalie LeBrecht, Program Administrator, Graduate Film

Galia Backal, Administrative Aide, Graduate Film

Wendy Kaplan Goldberg, Director of Administration Film and New Media; Adjunct Instructor

Derrick Bethune, Director of Finance for Film and TV and Special Projects

Dara Feivelson, Assistant Director Administrative Services, Film and TV

Alicia Glover, Department Administrator, Film and TV

Susan Carnival, Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator, Film and TV

Adam Underhill, Internship Coordinator, Film and TV


Production Area

Elizabeth Elsass, Supervisor, Grad Production Operations

Rosanne Limoncelli, Director of Production for Film and New Media

Alyce Benevides, Supervisor of Digital Media Library and Classrooms

Fritz Gerald, Supervisor of Post Production

Brandon Kiggins, Supervisor of Studio

Bruce Shackelford, Post Production Center Manager; Adjunct Instructor

Stevin Azo Michels, Post Production Center Manager

Sean Ruch, Stage - Studio Manager

Zul Atmosudirdjo, Teaching Soundstage Manager

Lucy Spiegelman, Production Office Supervisor

Sisa B. Holguín, Production Center Manager

Barbara Jacobs, Department Administrator

Lawrence Towers, Technical Service Administrator

Events Staff

Jaqueline Milles, Special Events Manager

Bonita Rutigliano, Web & Electronic Media Manager