Elizabeth Rinella Elsass

Manager, Production Operations

Photo of Manager, Production Operations, Elizabeth Rinella Elsass


Intro to Producing
Fundamentals of Filmmaking I: The Art of Visual Storytelling
Fundamentals of Filmmaking II: Directing & Producing the Short
Understanding Story
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Elizabeth Rinella Elsass is the Head of Production for the Graduate Film department. She oversees all production operations as well as production advisement for the program. Elsass began her film career at TriStar Pictures in Los Angeles, working in script development for Wendy Finerman Productions. Elsass moved into production assisting producer Laura Ziskin on Gus Van Sant’s “To Die For” and Ms. Ziskin’s directing debut, “Oh What A Day, 1914!” written by Alvin Sargent. Elsass was part of the initial team Ziskin created to start Fox 2000. Later, Elsass assisted Ron Howard and Todd Hallowell during the production of “The Missing” in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has directed, produced, and edited several short films across the US. Elsass recently directed and produced a series of short projects in New York City on public education and high-stakes testing.