Film still - LP

Film still - LP

Directed by Alexander Etseyatse

Type of Project: Drama
Length: 12:00 minutes
Producer: Alex Wiske
Editor: Alexander Etseyatse
Cinematographers: Daniel Patterson, Robbin Feng, Rashad Frett

An LP / store detective watches a shoplifting heist in progress.

A Loss and prevention officer has a sense of real regret for participating in a system that lock up people of color disproportionally to it's white counterpart.

Alexander Etseyatse
Alexander Etseyatse


Alexander Etseyatse is a first generation Nigerian-American filmmaker residing in Brooklyn, New York. He an avid Arts enthusiast whom enjoy watching stories unfold, whether on or off screen. He also enjoy good comedy and having fun, though somehow, maybe even contrarily so, he tend to lean towards writing deeper, darker, thought provoking material, such as Crime Dramas and Thrillers using gritty imagery and darker tones. Currently a thesis Student at NYU's Graduate film program on a prestigious Graduate Scholarship and Spike Lee Fellowship. His Spring Narrative project "Otis" the Web series made its World Premiere at 2018 SXSW Film Festival. “Otis” then went on to screen at The 2018 Los Angeles Film Festival, The 48th Seattle International Film Festival, and the Big Apple Film Festival. Winning Best Web Series at Bronzelen Film Festival and Honorable mention at Urbanworld; Alexander Etseyatse most recent feature length screenplay "Otis" was selected as a quarterfinalist of Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition and was also recently awarded the Spike Lee Production Grant for Feature length Screenplay "Otis"& a Caucus foundation Grant."