Directed by Joachim Besançon

Type of Project: Drama
Length: 10:52
Producer: Lexi Preiser
Editor: Joachim Besançon
Cinematographer: Mélanie Akoka
Sound Designer: Hippolyte Leblanc

A young woman arrives at her mother’s country house for a weekend stay, only to discover that her mother’s new lover is a sexual predator. Together, they will find a way to get rid of him. The weekend program includes every activity a good aristocrat is expected to master: spiritualism, music, horse riding and poisoning.

Joachim Besançon
Joachim Besançon


Born in Paris in 1995, Joachim quickly developed an unsatisfiable passion for films, which he thinks came as a sort of natural side effect of chronic boredom. At the age of twelve, he timidly tried his hand at directing with his mother’s mediocre camera and went on to direct a 32-minute mafia film with his two brothers and four friends, which he humbly called New York 1962. Little did he know that he would end up studying films in New York ten years later.  

After having graduated from Sciences Po Paris, where he majored in Social Sciences, he worked consecutively at three French production companies. First at the independent production company La Vie Est Belle Films, where he worked on the development of a feature film called Frères d’Armes, then at StudioCanal and Pathé, first in the production department and then in the writing development department.
He joined the NYU Graduate Film program in 2018 and shot four short films in the course of his study there. He is currently a third developing his NYU thesis short film, while at the same time working on a feature length script, which is a loose adaptation of a book written on a murder case that happened in France in the 1990s.