Behind the Scenes with 'Urinetown' Creators, Production & Design Teams

Thursday, Apr 8, 2021

This spring, TISCH DRAMA STAGE presents a hybrid in-person / online production of the Tony Award-winning musical Urinetown. Director in Residence Carlos Armesto of theatreC sat down with dramaturg Una Chaudhuri and the creators of Urinetown for a discussion on the show and its relevance in the current moment. Watch below.



Additionally, members of the TISCH DRAMA STAGE design teams—including scenic, costume, and sound—came together for a series of interviews to talk about their newfound process, and everything that goes into mounting a virtual musical. 

Interview participants included faculty and students from Tisch Drama’s Production & Design Studio.

Jason Goodwin, Urinetown Costume Designer, remarked on the introducton of cameras to the hybrid in-person / online musical performance.

"Having cameras—there’s a little bit of manipulation that can happen that doesn't get to happen normally. That's something we've been able to use to our advantage," he said—a point Jordan Bernstein, Urinetown Sound Designer, also underscored. 

“We had to shift the way we wanted to design, the way we had to direct… keeping in mind how the audience will be perceiving the show—not by being in-person but through a screen," Bernstein said. "We had to design thinking of it as a live televised production rather than being live in-person.” 

Overall, the groups spoke of collaboration, discovery, problem-solving, and innovation during this unprecedented time of theatre-making. 

Watch the videos below.


Go Behind the Scenes with Scenic Design of TISCH DRAMA STAGE's Urinetown.


Go Behind the Scenes with Costume Design of TISCH DRAMA STAGE's Urinetown.


Go Behind the Scenes with Sound Design of TISCH DRAMA STAGE's Urinetown.